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Thanks for Visiting Allotey Maths Camp

The Allotey Maths Camp, formerly known as the Ghana Maths Camp will be a unique opportunity for students in Ghana to have their eyes opened to the world of mathematics. Students will spend one week learning new and exciting mathematics taught by a team of local and overseas volunteer maths educators, teachers and lecturers. By the end of the camp we want all the students to be able to appreciate and enjoy mathematics. We are targeting senior high school students and teachers.

The main aims of the Maths Camp are for students to:

  • Develop problem solving skills through mathematical activities, games and puzzles.
  • Experience a computer based environment with the latest mathematical software.
  • Meet mathematics teachers, lecturers and researchers from Ghana and beyond.
  • Discover ways mathematics is being used in the world today, by looking at current research.

However, the Maths Camp is not just for the benefit of students. Teachers have an important role to play. The Maths Camp is an opportunity for teachers to realise and understand the power of mathematics by looking beyond the curriculum. This will include working in a computer based environment with the latest free software which they take away with them. Teachers will witness, and be directly involved in, students having their eyes opened to the world of mathematics, and take part in discussions in the ways mathematics is used in research. Teachers will also get to meet other mathematics teachers as well as lecturers and researchers from Ghana and around the world.


The idea of a Ghana Maths Camp came from a group of AIMS Ghana students discussing how to share their experiences with school children. This led to one of them visiting Maseno, Kenya to participate in the running of the 2013 Maseno Maths Camp organised by The African Maths Initiative. The Maseno Maths camp is an annual event held at Maseno University, Kenya, that was first held in August 2011 and will see its fourth running later this year. The 2012 Maseno Maths Camp was attended by a participant from Ethiopia. From this experience they recreated the idea and hosted a maths camp in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, with support from The African Maths Initiative.

After seeing first hand the success and impact of the Maseno Maths Camp 2013, this Ghanaian student wanted to bring this idea to Ghana, so that not just Kenyan and Ethiopian students would benefit, but also Ghanaian students. With the support of The African Maths Initiative, we plan to adapt the Maseno Maths Camp in Ghana, just as was done successfully in Ethiopia.

The African Maths Initiative Ghana team with consistent support from the SAMI, AMI, AIMS Ghana and IDEMS has since 2014 been successfully organizing the Allotey  Maths Camp.