We propose to host the Maths Camp at the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS – Ghana) Campus, Biriwa from the 27th July – 8 August, 2020. We are aiming to attract around 20 local and overseas volunteers and 100 participating students from all over Ghana.

The Ghana Maths Camp will follow a similar structure to that of the previous Maseno Maths Camps. The volunteers along with the local teachers and lecturers will spend the preparation week deciding on topics and planning the activities to be delivered to the students. We propose to host the Maths Camp at the AIMS – Ghana Campus, Biriwa. The reasons for choosing to host the Maths Camp at AIMS – Ghana campus is that: the student hostels can be used to host the students and volunteers, meals can be provided by the canteen and a computer lab will be easily accessible. Another important reason is that by being exposed to a university environment, we hope that students begin to view university as an exciting and realistic option for their future.

For the Maseno Maths Camp participating students made a contribution of up to 5000 Kenyan Shillings, which is around GHC 100,  towards the meals, accommodation and resources during their stay at the camp. The Bahir Dar Camp in Ethiopia had an alternative model where the University provided the food, accommodation and resources freely to the participants of the camp. In both cases there are a mixture of local and overseas volunteers who were also provided with food and accommodation.

We feel it is important that we attract people to the Maths Camp who will be committed to what they are doing and so it is proposed that we follow the Kenyan model with a moderate contribution of GHC 100 from each participating student to help run a successful camp.


Just as at the previous camps, we plan to have a preparation week followed by a weeklong Camp.

27 July – 8 August 2020:

Preparation Week. Local and overseas volunteers will arrive in Ghana at the location of the Maths Camp to plan the details of the event. The topics for the sessions will be discussed and each session and activity will be planned.

27 July – 1 August 2020:

Students and teachers begin to arrive. Registration takes place on arrival and rooms are allocated.

2 – 8 August 2020:

The Maths Camp begins! Every day will follow roughly the same timetable. There will be three sessions in the morning. After lunch there will be two or three afternoon session some of which may be devoted to project work where students work in groups. Each evening after dinner there will be some time to relax and an opportunity to learn card games with the other students and teachers. There will also be a chance to play some informal outdoor games during the week. On the final day staff and volunteers will ensure all students have left the Maths Camp safely.